ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Allergies, Asthma, Autism, Bed Wetting, Colic, Difficulty Nursing, Ear Infections, Frequent Spitting Up, Headaches, Irritability, Sensory Processing Disorder, Reflux, Trouble Sleeping… Developmental Delays. They are simply raging out of control.  25 years ago you would be hard pressed to find someone that had even heard of ADHD.  Today you can’t scroll through your Facebook newsfeed without seeing a parent talking about one or more of these “conditions”. In 2011, a study published in Acedemic Pediatrics estimated that 54% of American children have AT LEAST one chronic illness.  The prevelance of these “diseases” is mind boggling. 

  • ADHD 1 in 9 children
  • Autism 1 in 50 children
  • Asthma 1 in 8 children
  • Allergies 1 in 3 children
  • Learning Disabled 1 in 6 children

While many scientists, researchers and professionals want to point the finger at environmental factors including:  the overuse of medications, poor diet and nutrition, excessive hygiene, indoor sedentary lifestyles, excessive or improperly administered vaccination, and continuous exposure to a panoply of environmental toxins… which I agree to an extent… I want to point the finger at something else…

Failure To Adapt

My name is Dr. Jeff… and I’m one of the contributors for Kids Health Restored.  I think this information will have a major impact on your understanding of health… the health potential of your child… and I think it can have a major impact on you as well.

And if you’ll bear with me for a few minutes… I don’t want to talk that much about ADHD, Autism or any other conditions themselves… I’m going to take a different approach and talk about the contributors of these conditions… and the failure to adapt.  Not many will take this approach with you.  But I want to ask the tough questions about what is really going on with our kids.  I find that if I address the cause… and we remove the cause… then we get rid of the effect.  We get rid of the problem… we get rid of the symptom… and we get rid of the label or diagnosis.

Because no matter what the diagnosis is for these kids… I believe that health is rooted in the nervous system.

So let’s start there.

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that it is the job of the nervous system to understand and to adapt to the stressful or “impinging” environmental factors we encounter.

Your nervous system controls every cell… tissue… organ and function in your body.  In order for that to happen… every message travels from your brain… thru your spinal cord… it travels along the intricate network of nerves reaching the specific place in your body.  Messages then travel back to the brain letting your brain know what’s happening.

Your nervous system is so amazing that right now… it’s telling your heart to beat… your lungs to breath… and your digestive tract to process your food.  It’s also deciphering the words you see right now.  It’s controlling and coordinating all the functions in your body.  And you don’t have to think about any of it.

So what about these stressful or “impinging” environmental factors Dr. Lipton was referring to?

These environmental factors can be broken into 3 categories that I call “The 3 T’s”.  The first T is Trauma… also known as physical stress.  The second T is Toxins… these are related to chemical stress.  And the third T is our Thoughts… more commonly called emotional stress.  These are the impinging stimuli that our nervous system has to deal with on a daily basis.

The point to take home here is that there is not ONE cause that is leading to the health challenges in our children. The real cause is actually a recipe of multiple stressors… that added together over time… take the body and the nervous system… (which is the coordinator of the body) and takes the body away from health and toward dysfunction.

So how do we handle these stresses?  How does the nervous system play in this?

Everyone has an Adaptive Potential… this is the body’s ability to handle stress (the 3 stressful T’s above).  Everyone has a different Potential.  And because children’s nervous systems are not fully developed until the age of three… and their immune systems are still developing into adolescence… their Adaptive Potential is much lower than an adult’s.  For that reason… the stressors and the impinging external stimuli our children are encountering need to be monitored much more closely.

Because when the amount of stress perceived by our nervous system exceeds their Adaptive Potential… the body goes into a state of protection or dis-ease.  Notice I said dis-ease and not disease.  Dis-ease is simply the state of protection and the beginning of the path towards symptoms.

Let me give you an analogy so you can picture how your Adaptive Potential works.  Imagine everyone’s Potential as a teeter totter.  Each teeter totter is different.  The amount of weight or stress your teeter totter can handle is also different depending on our potential to handle stress… and the amount of stress we’re encountering and perceiving.

Your Adaptive Potential is the your ability to keep the teeter totter balanced and keep it from hitting the ground. As long as you keep the teeter totter balanced… your nervous system will be able to coordinate and you can express yourself the way you were meant to.

You can picture stress as pebbles or rocks in your life.  Some stressors are perceived to be bigger than others.  Some stressors are also perceived differently by one person than another.  That can depend on where you are in your health journey.  Either way… when a stress is encountered… it’s like a pebble being added to the teeter totter… which over time begins to tip one direction.  If the teeter totter hits the ground… you have exceeded your ability to adapt to stress.  At this point you will express dis-ease or a stress response… also known as a subluxation.


Our lives are a series of pebbles… and these pebbles are our decisions… or the decisions that are made for us.  If as children… the decisions made for us are positive… health-conscious… and filled with love… we end up with a recipe at that time that is healthy and in a state of growth.  We have fewer negative pebbles on the teeter totter.

But if those decisions or pebbles are negative and not healthy… more pebbles and bigger pebbles are added to the teeter totter and the body is in a state of protection.

You can’t be in a state of growth and a state of protection at the same time.  And at differing levels the 3 T’s are trying to drive you closer to that state of protection.  And for most it starts before you are even born.

It can often start with pregnancy.  Unfortunately… pregnancy is now treated as a diagnosable medical condition that needs multiple providers… dozens of ultrasounds and a host of other tests.  It is very fear-based.

There are so many things to this… but from the beginning as the child is growing and developing in utero… the mother’s nervous system is the child’s nervous system.  So if there is emotional stress to the mom and to her nervous system… that stress can transfer over to the baby’s nervous system.

WARNING!!!  Some parents will be offended by what they read
next.  It’s not meant to be offensive or “shaming” in any way.  I
am simply delivering a message of what may have happened… and
what you can do to improve the situation of your child.
Continue at your own risk (and hopefully an open mind).

Then from there the majority of birth processes in the United States are high stress.  Roughly 30-40 percent of births in the US are C-section births.  When the doctor pulls the baby out during a C-section they will put between 60 and 80 pounds of axial pressure on the upper cervical spine.  That’s the top part of a baby’s neck.  That’s 60-80 pounds of physical stress on a baby’s neck.  Do you think that is a really big pebble getting added to this baby’s Adaptive Potential teeter totter?

Forceps and Vacuum Suction are also very invasive and put a tremendous amount of axial pressure on the upper cervical spine… not to mention the twisting and torquing applied on the neck and the skull. Even a natural vaginal birth can compromise the integrity of the upper spine and nervous system when the doctor manually pulls and rotates the head to aid in the delivery.

In my opinion… birth intervention has become way to commonplace and it’s negatively affecting our children.  Right from the start they are getting a spinal injury that leads to further stress on the nervous system.

Take a look at these statistics from some well-known doctors and researchers on this topic.  Dr. Viola Frymann examined 1500 newborns within 5 days of birth… and she found that 90% of these newborns had suffered birth trauma.

Dr. Abraham Towbin… a Harvard University pathologist… he researched birth trauma and correlated it with SIDS cases and respiratory conditions.

Dr. Gottfried Guttmann, a German medical researcher, found that 80% of the infants he examined shortly after birth had damage to the nerves of their neck from traumatic birth. That means that 8 out of 10 infants evaluated had a subluxation (nerve interference) to the upper cervical spine.  This is very important because 65% of neurologic development happens in the first year of life. 

Dr. Gutmann went on to say… “The trauma from the birth process remains an under-publicized… and therefore significantly under-treated problem.”

So infants are getting pulled out by their head causing stress to the nervous system… tipping the teeter totter away from balance… and creating interference in the communication from the brain to the body.  It’s no wonder our children are having issues.

And now the 2nd T begins… Toxins.  Also known as chemical stress… these toxins can come in all forms.  For the vast majority it starts with some chemicals to your newborns eyes… then their first round of vaccine injections.  Be aware that your child is what he or she eats… drinks… breathes and gets injected with.

When your child eats, drinks, breathes or encounters a toxin or a chemical (remember your skin is an organ, so whatever you put on your skin is absorbed) the organs and glands are activated by way of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. They prepare to fight and eliminate.

Unfortunately… when the organs and glands are overworked… they will also communicate with the body in those areas to tell the muscles to beware and to protect.  This is known as a visceral somatic response… which leads directly to a Subluxation… and eventually an expression of the stress.

So instead of having a perfect… wonderful… healthy little baby… they are screaming… colicky… uncomfortable… they have troubles latching and difficulty nursing.

The stress to the neck during delivery leads to other issues.  The ears clog… sinuses clog… the throat gets irritated and you end up with ear infections and sinus infections.  You probably end up with swollen tonsils and adenoids.  And what’s the traditional solution?  Antibiotics… and more antibiotics.  So you have a vicious cycle that you’re child gets stuck in.  Antibiotics don’t address the underlying issue and only lead to a defeated immune system… they are a stress and pebble on the teeter totter that leads to a subluxation and nervous system interference.

And with your child’s immune system even more compromised they get more infections so you move on to tubes in the ears… remove the tonsils and remove the adenoids. 

This entire time your child is getting a crazy amount of vaccines… so by the time they are 3 or 4… during those important stages of brain and neurodevelopment… the only thing the brain and nervous system knows is stress.

I mentioned this earlier… you can’t be in growth and protection at the same time.

And now they’re getting older and we add in the 3rd T… Thoughts or emotional stress.  Our negative thoughts affect not only the conscious mind… but the majority of the stress we encounter affects the unconscious brain and the extension of the brain: the nervous system. When there is more stress coming in than we can handle or adapt to… it causes a reaction no different than how a trauma or a toxin causes us to react.  If we overflow the Adaptive Potential teeter totter with emotional or mental stress… it can again cause a subluxation.

So what do you do?

Like many parents… you can’t go back. We can only learn from our experiences… and from here on out we can be more CAREFUL about the decisions we make for our children based on this information.

You can’t control and prevent everything… but you can make the different choices when your child is overstressed and has been through a traumatic event.

A child who is born into this world protecting and fearful will stay there… especially if stress is continually added to their systems early and often.  That’s why it’s so important to get your children checked for SUBLUXATIONS.

We are all exposed to the 3 T’s to a certain extent.  Our Adaptive Potential determines how we respond to those stresses.  When the teeter totter tips… and we can no longer adapt… it can create a SUBLUXATION in the spine. 

A subluxation is the misalignment and fixation of a spinal bone that causes interference and irritation of the spinal nerves.  When your child has a subluxation, the nervous system is no longer communicating and working at 100%.  When the brain and body are no longer getting messages back and forth correctly… the Innate Intelligence inside your child can’t take care of them properly. 

So how do you know if your child has a subluxation?

The only practitioner trained and qualified to correct a subluxation and restore the nervous system communication from the brain to the body is a CHIROPRACTOR.

Maybe not what you were expecting to hear right?  Chiropractors treat back and neck pain.

And that’s the first part of the solution… understanding that chiropractors analyze and detect subluxations in the spine… and then adjust that subluxation to remove the interference to the nervous system so the body can heal itself and maintain the balance that your body is constantly striving for.

So #1… have your child checked by a pediatric chiropractor.  Chiropractic care for babies and children has been shown to be GENTLE… SAFE… and EFFECTIVE.  Babies can be checked for subluxation very soon after birth.  My last two children were checked within the first hour after birth… and each of them had a subluxation in the upper cervical spine (even though my wife had natural births).

The next step is to reduce your child’s exposure to the 3 T’s to reduce the amount of stressful offenders that want to overwhelm your child’s adaptive potential.  Shop organic as often as possible to reduce exposure to herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified organisms.  Look for chemical free cleaning products and chemical free laundry products.  These are some of the greatest chemical stress factors that you can avoid very easily.

Reduce the amount of emotional stress your child is exposed to.  Each family is different and each child responds differently to emotional stress.  Pay extra special attention and observe your child to see what kinds of emotional stress they are experiencing.  Often times the stress they experience may seem small to us but is enormous to them.  Asking questions, listening and observing can serve useful in helping flesh out emotional stress in kids.

While there’s nothing you can do to go back to the birth of your child… make sure you have them checked for a subluxation by a qualified chiropractor.  This interference in the spine can manifest in a silent manner before becoming a symptom in your child.

“Interference to the nervous system results in damage within a short period of time and therefore, Chiropractic care should begin at birth on a preventive basis.” Dr. Arpad DeNagy, Rockefeller Institute 

“Subluxation alone is a rational reason for Chiropractic care throughout a lifetime from birth.” Dr. Lee Hadley, Syracuse Memorial Hospital 

“Subluxations decrease the Genetic potential of the human species.” Ronald Pero, Ph.D.

You can request a referral below to find a preferred pediatric chiropractor in your area.  We know your child’s health is very precious.  Now is the time to have them checked for subluxations to see if there is an interruption in the flow of information from the brain to the body through their nervous system.

Our preferred chiropractors will also be able to point you in the right direction if you need additional resources for your child.  They have been chosen based on their level of commitment and expertise working with kids.

I hope you found this to be helpful and useful in your search for natural and effective solutions for your child.  If you have additional questions please fill out the form below and set up a private consultation with one of our preferred providers.  They will be able to find out more about your situation and give you the one on one answers you need.