ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Allergies, Asthma, Autism, Bed Wetting, Colic, Difficulty Nursing, Ear Infections, Frequent Spitting Up, Headaches, Irritability, Sensory Processing Disorder, Reflux, Trouble Sleeping… Developmental Delays. They are simply raging out of control.  25 years ago you would be hard pressed to find someone that had even heard of ADHD.  Today you can’t scroll through your Facebook newsfeed without seeing a parent talking about one or more of these “conditions”. In 2011, a study published in Acedemic Pediatrics estimated that 54% of American children have AT LEAST one chronic illness.  The prevelance of these “diseases” is mind boggling. 


The concept of kids health care may not seem to be one of concern until the child actually gets sick. These developing bodies actually need more than just medicine when they are sick. They need to be properly maintained and children need to be coached in good health habits.

The more healthy habits children develop now, the more ingrained those habits will be in them as adults. While parents should be concerned about the eating habits of their kids and making sure they get proper exercise, there is much more than that to be dealt with.

Children need different things than adults do as their bodies develop. Babies for instance, need fats for proper brain development that adults no longer need. A child's body has a different metabolism than an adult's does. It has different needs altogether. Do you want to be the only one responsible for making sure those needs are met?

Wellness visits and following the advice of the family doctor is one way to go. Adults who do not follow such advice may even find themselves in trouble with the law as they watch the health of their child fail. It's much simpler to just make sure that you child is healthy and that you are doing all you can to keep it that way!

Keep in mind that as children develop, their bodies need certain things. Making sure that the child has all that need to grow strong and healthy includes scheduled doctor's visits as well as dental checkups. Not only will you feel better, but your child will have the resources to grow strong and healthy.

Another benefit of using your resources for kids health care is that these resources are aware of local illnesses and laws pertaining to vaccinations. That means you have a few less things to worry about! Your doctor is there for you to use his or her services to your benefit. Take advantage of their knowledge and ensure that you have a healthy family.